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Cheers to Madison Road Collection

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As you may know, my business name was previously Mint Pop Shop. As I grew with the brand, I came to realize that it wasn't a name that I necessarily wanted to grow with anymore. I wanted something that had meaning to me, something that reflects the shop itself and thats what I'll explain next. It definitely set me back a bit business wise, but something that I truly wanted to do. It's bittersweet because that was my first business, but I'm happy for new beginnings and hope you'll love it as much as I do.

I’m a firm believer that beauty starts from the inside, but expressing yourself with your own personal style on the outside before someone gets to know you is an added bonus point. Style should be true to your personality and makes you, you. Putting on your best most favorite power outfit before a major interview, a first date, a huge presentation, a night out with friends, or just grabbing coffee by yourself, it makes you radiate confidence and amplifies your creative and unique personality and style without saying anything. I hope you can wear something from Madison Road and look at yourself and say, "hell yeah, I rock." or "wow, I feel beautiful." Because you do and you are.

Everyone always asks, “how’d you figure out the name of your business?” or “whats the inspiration behind the name?”. I truly wanted to make my business something personal and special to me. Something that I can grow with for years to come. Something that holds a place in my heart and proud to call mine.

My sisters. They each have completely different personalities and goals, but couldn’t be more the same at the end of the day. Their confidence, hearts, and colorful energy is what I strive to perfect in life and business. They’re strong and beautiful in their own unique ways and women who inspire me. No matter where the road may take me, they are my roots and the ones that make me stay true to myself. True to my style. True to my soul.

Madeline + Allison. The inspiration behind the name.

Cheers to Madison Road Collection.

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